PrEP Counselors, Navigators, and Public Health Professionals:

Want to encourage testing, promote adherence, and leverage data? Use our mobile-friendly technology to help protect those at risk of acquiring HIV.

e2PrEP Mobile App

The e2 PrEP Mobile App is an Innovative PrEP Adherence Application, that supports your efforts to protect people at risk of acquiring HIV. The e2PrEP Mobile App helps you encourage testing, promote adherence to PrEP and antiretroviral medications, and integrate information to make changes that improve all of our efforts to End the Epidemic.

  • Measure and promote PrEP uptake and adherence.
  • Encourage personalized client engagement.
  • Connect clients to their counselors, navigators, and medical professionals.
e2PrEP app screenshot


Prevent HIV transmission within at-risk populations

Help patients maintain medication adherence using reminders and reward staying on track using achievements

Adherence summary screen

Assess barriers, solutions, and outcomes

With powerful feedback and telehealth capabilties, the e2PrEP app hels patients improve their health care access, and allows providers to better understand and improve the health of their client population.

Reminder and telehealth screen

Empower communities, support adherence, reduce transmission

By encouraging adherence, providing better access to care, and allowing greater access to information, we can deliver better care and improve quality of life.

Achievements screen


Easily connect PrEP clients to their care team with Secure Messaging and other Telehealth

Enable PrEP clients to report issues, side effects, and general mood and connect this with acuity.

Gamification: Winning streak messages and goal tracking encourage client engagement and medication adherence.

Provide PrEP clients with dosage reminders with motivational and discreet messaging

  • Discreet reminders leading to easily accessible information with one click.
  • Customizable reminders for discretion and/or self-motivation.
  • Secure PIN Screen / Face ID / Fingerprint lock.


Together, we can use the power of data and technology to end the epidemic!

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